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  1. 8BPlus
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8BPLUS isn’t just a difficulty level in the international rock climbing grading, but also the name of a small and innovative brand creating fun and detail-loving products for the rock climbing and bouldering scene. Proudly launched in 2012, 8BPLUS is convincing with unconventional designs and thought-through products for rock climbers,who don’t take life too serious and want to inject a pinch of humor into their sport. 8BPLUS is a brand with its own personality, values and identity. Originating from Tyrol in the Austrian Alps, nature and the mountains are entrenched in our roots. 8BPLUS is a brand by climbers for climbers. We are the last big hold in the roof, the hidden foo thold under the ledge and the chalk on your hands. You thought 8BPLUS wasjust a difficulty level? Think again…

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