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  1. Edelweiss
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Solid. The history, values and reputation of Edelweiss lie within that single word. Values of simplicity, efficiency and durability, that lead them to develop reliable products, always closer to the expectations of mountaineers and climbers.

Most people know Edelweiss for their ropes ...and game with which they have been involved for many years. They are currently making a name for themselves with a range of highly durable ropes with areally tough sheath construction. They achieve this by using a thicker sheath yarn, a feature of Edelweiss ropes that has served the company well throughout the years.

However, Edelweiss is no longer just about ropes. They now make a range of quality harnesses in addition to some high quality hardware and great soft goods including rope bags and t-shirts. We really like the range - hope you do too!

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