1. DMM Wallnuts
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DMM Wallnuts

The DMM Wallnut is a classic wired nut that gives you the best possible chance of getting a secure placement. A variety of different sets are available.

A good rack can be built around a a set of Wallnuts. We would usually recommend doubling up in the small to medium sizes.

Over the years DMM have tweaked the design of the Wallnut. Continuous refinement aided by modernisation of production techniques has resulted in huge weight savings; all of which has been achieved without any sacrifices to strength or robustness. The Wallnut shape has been improved by adding a scoop, which gives extra security in shallow placements.

As you might expect, modern production techniques have also resulted in colour coding, which is a necessity if you are looking to push your limits. Speedy placement can make the difference between success and failure. DMM have colour coded their Wallnuts such that they are consistent with other brands. This should make it easier if you are looking to buy a few singles as replacements.

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