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  1. Omega Pacific Link Cams
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Omega Pacific Link Cams

Whereas most of the big boys in the climbing industry make some sort of camming device, there is generally a fair degree of similarity between all the various designs. However, with the Link Cam, Omega Pacific have come up with something truly unique (and in fact patented). By splitting the cam lobes into three sections, with links in-between, the range of the Omega Pacific link cam far surpasses anything that can be achieved by a traditional camming unit. As a result you can shed weight by carrying a smaller range of protection. As an example the Omega Pacific Link Cam #1 will cover the same sort of range as up to four traditional cams.

An additional benefit of Omega Pacific link cams stems from the fact that the retracted cam links result in greater surface contact between the link cam and the rock. This causes them to "walk" less than you might expect from experience with other cams.

To help ensure proper quality control allOmega Pacific Link Cams are made in America.

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